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Returns Policy

Here at Purity Home Fragrance we offer a 100% no quibble refund policy.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied you can initiated a return by emailing us on support@purityfragrance.co.uk 

Our products are blended, bottled and labelled by hand with tremendous care, and each batch is tested and nothing leaves us unless we are happy with it, ever.

If for any reason you have a problem do get in touch, you can even use whatsapp   

We will always treat our customers fairly, if there is a genuine issue with any product we will either offer a replacement or refund. Fairness goes both ways and we wouldn't offer a refund on a half used bottle or if you have just changed your mind.

Product advice:

Plug in air fresheners

Location is so important with plug ins, there needs ot be airflow, so whilst they might not be the prettiest things to have plugged in around the home, placing them behind sofas, tables or tucked in a corner will stop the fragrance from circulating. Try a few locations, hallways are usually a great spot or near doorways. 

RAW Diffusers

Applicating with the RAW fragrance is very much down to how strong you like your scent to be. Likewise some mist diffusers are more powerful than others. A doTERRA mist diffuser will always outperform a cheap one from eBay, so you may find some diffusers need a few drops more than others. As with plugs, location is key too, try moving your diffuser around the room as simply moving it from one side of a room to the other can make a huge difference if the airflow is better in one area which is usually the case.

RAW diffusers can also be used to increase the fragrance strength of any of our product range too.

Hand Wash

Our hand wash is antiviral, kills 99.99% of germs and is effective against enveloped viruses including coronavirus. Independently tested in Feb 2020to Eiropean standard BS EN 14476. It has a Ph of 2-3

Wet your hands with warm water then apply the handwash. Work the hand wash between the fingers and above the wrists for at least 30 seconds to ensure effectivness. 

These are lightly scented, enough to leave a subtle fragrance but not so strong as to overpower.

Hand Lotion

Certified Organic by the soil association, our lotion is again subtly fragranced to compliment our hand wash range. It will also moisturise and soften, and is  recommended after using any hand wash to restore the balance to your skin.